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Love and discovery on a road trip, Talent Avengers

They lived without rules, loved without fear. But as the world changed on this trip, so did they…

Young Girl Dreams, Talent Avengers

The dreams are silenced. But the heart sings…

Web Series

Itā€™s complicated, yes. But then when is it not…??

Investigating inexplicable events Talent Avengers

Death is a given. But what happens when it doesn’t add up?

Social Impact Shorts

Caste is a disease. An unclean state of mind…

Mom helps daughter TA

Be You. Shine bright and never let anything hold you back!

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We are cinema lovers and storytellers!

An award-winning Designer and a Branding Pro, plus, a group of savvy marketers, we have a strong cultural and cinematic context and grasp of several Indian languages. Together, our team brings extensive experience in Content Marketing, Design and Video Creation, with a vast portfolio of published books, articles and blog posts.Ā 
As founders of Maroon Oak, we are connecting women professionals to exciting startups and brands internationally. Our other portfolio companies include one in visual design and another in skills building for youth.

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Pooja Krishna
Pooja Krishna

With extensive experience in Marketing and Product Design, Pooja Krishna is a consummate communicator and raconteur who truly believes that a good story needs to be told well, and a great one with simplicity…

Aditi Tandon
Aditi Tandon

An award-winning designer, visual storyteller, and marketer Aditi Tandon believesĀ that stories can be complicated, but storytelling needn’t be!

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